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Latest Medical Chemistry Research News

Bengaluru's Pharmacology is Looking for Chemistry Graduates
Bengaluru seems to face storage of chemists: more than 60 pharmaceutical companies need chemistry graduates who are not in a hurry to join them actually. City colleges do not have enough graduates who would like to work in pharma industry: 25% of them choose teaching, while 10% enroll some extra courses they need to get jobs in colleges. Additional details and possible solutions of such a problem can be found on this page.

Medical Education Calls for Papers
Robert M. Golub, MD represents his opinion on medical education and its landscape: learners, topics, missions and approaches. The article is published at JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), and you are welcome to read it and subscribe to the journal itself here.

The Sugar Industry Controls a Federal Dental Program
A historical analysis of more than 1,500 pages of internal correspondence between researches at the NIDR (National Institute of Dental Research) and sugar executives proves the fact this industry controlled a federal dental program.
About 78% of sugar industry recommendations were into the National Caries Program in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Read the additional details in article.

Two basic approaches to scientific research help you stay afloat
Tracy D'Augustino from Michigan State University Extension has published the article to help those students and young scientists who drown in information while struggling with scientific research for their academic papers.
The two most basic approaches recommended by her let us find only credible sources and think critically by identifying the author and assumptions. To learn more about them, visit this Michigan State University page.

Greg Clark on Science Budget for Research
Greg Clark, the minister for universities, science and cities in UK, answered the questions of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee concerning the budget for local growth.
He also mentioned that research should not just rely on science budget and told about additional funding available for this field. Read more at Times Higher Education.

Call for Research Paper Writers
Do not miss an opportunity to work for a paper writing services company. We are pleased to announce that Bid4Papers Company calls for research paper writers regularly. If you are good in academic writing and feel confident enough to make research, write about it and help other young professionals or students with their researches, you can join the team of academic writers and start your work.
Additional details can be found on

Who Will Save Science from Itself?
Only few know and understand all those scientific metrics used to evaluate scientists. The article written by The Conversation for Science20 describes the influence of many measurement tools, such as "citation number" and "impact factor", on science and explains why these metrics have become distraction for it. Read more details here.

Herbal Medicine Can Get More Research Soon
With a thought about 100,000 plants in Indonesia that have medicinal potential, The Health Ministry decided to push more research on herbal medicine. According to Tjandra Yoga Aditama, the ministry's research and development agency head, it's high time for Indonesia to develop its natural potential in this field, though the public can still choose whether to use chemical or natural medicines.
Additional details on The Jakarta Post website.

New Publications from Molecular Pharmacology
We are pleased to announce that Molecular Pharmacology has published several new findings on such topics as genetics, structural biology, physiology, molecular biology, and biophysics.
Check all relevant topics and their importance for the fields of toxicology and pharmacology.

A Chemistry Professor Excites Students with His Experiment (Video)
Dr. William R. Kobertz, professor of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology, perfectly knows how to make his young students interested in science. Once a month, he uses hands-on experiments to teach chemistry and turn learning into fun.
Read more details and watch the video of Kobertz's exciting experiment at the UMass Med page.

This Molecule Can Make Cancer Sells Self-Destruct!
UC Davis Researchers announced they had developed a molecule that could make brain cancer cells self-destruct. It can be very effective in finding a fatal type of brain cancer and killing non-dividing glioma cells that are usually unaffected by treatment.
The research itself will be published in April. For more details, check this page.

The National Health and Medical Research Council Unexpected Finding
We are pleased to announce that NHMRC released the findings about ineffectiveness of homeopathy in treating health conditions. Such a conclusion has been made after assessing 1,800 papers about the efficacy of the alternative medicine.
More details can be found here. This study has found homeopathy is no more effective than placebos.